Proofreading & Editing Services

Proofreading means to review a translated or edited document, both in the content and in the form, to detect any mistake before it is published or sent to the client.

We are a team of professional editors and proofreaders who will thoroughly review your document, track any changes, and forward it back to you within the turnaround time selected.

Are you a translator yourself looking for a colleague to help you get flawless translations? Do you normally work with reverse translations and would like to be completely satisfied with the outcome of your texts? We are here to help! We can proofread your translations any time, charging rates per word or per document, even offering flat rates!

Proofreading can be very useful when you translate to a foreign language that is not your native language. For international companies, proofreading and editing is necessary when it comes to using the right language and grammar. Academics, jobseekers, businesspeople, and authors will also benefit from this service.

 Proofreading rates: we can help you review any type of translation or text at any time, setting rates per word, per document, or even a flat rate!

Contact us for reviewing texts in Chinese-Spanish and English-Spanish. Rates per word, per hour or flat rates for long-term cooperations.

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