What language is more difficult? Chinese or English?

Dear Grammarians: Even though I have not conducted a scientific study or an official survey, experience tells me that a “Westerner” should answer that, undoubtedly, Chinese language is more difficult to learn than English. The reason for this answer surely lies in the vision of Chinese characters, so inscrutable without a minimum knowledge of Chinese writing. However, if we look at phonetics, the pronunciation of English sounds is so complex that not even native speakers are able to learn it…


Do you teach Chinese? Do you know the AEPEC?

Dear Grammarians, The Spanish Association of Teachers of Chinese Language (AEPEC) is a non-profit organisation that aims to serve as a platform for teachers, scholars and students of Chinese, as well as Spanish as a foreign language. So, if you teach Chinese to Spanish speakers or Spanish to Chinese speakers, this may be interesting for you. The AEPEC was founded at the end of 2007 in Valladolid, although its board of directors included Chinese teaching professionals from different cities in…


Ticket to Translation is back… to stay

Dear Grammarians: Almost four years have passed since our last entry. Neither the pandemic caused by COVID-19, nor work, nor social life, nor family, can justify our absence, so we apologise for the long delay and greatly appreciate your patience. Reading the last entry (LINK), from December 2018, I feel that I can reinvent myself, go back and think about everything that has changed and what life would have been like if some things had not happened. In these four…

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