Dear Grammarians:

Almost four years have passed since our last entry. Neither the pandemic caused by COVID-19, nor work, nor social life, nor family, can justify our absence, so we apologise for the long delay and greatly appreciate your patience.

Reading the last entry (LINK), from December 2018, I feel that I can reinvent myself, go back and think about everything that has changed and what life would have been like if some things had not happened. In these four years, many of the events that have marked what I will be unraveling in future writings, were really unimaginable. That’s the beauty of life, not being able to predict it.

BertaGrama Traducciones has also changed. It was never interrupted, despite the pandemic and other occupations. However, I carved it until it got its natural form, the one that not even I had been able to foresee. BertaGrama Traducciones has changed from being a multilingual agency, including up to seven linguistic combinations, to dedicating itself exclusively to what we like and are good at: 1) sworn English translations; 2) translation from Chinese and English to Spanish; 3) (and this is new) teaching Chinese to Spanish speakers and Spanish to Chinese speakers. I am grateful to be able to continue collaborating with agencies that offer innumerable language combinations, but I have preferred to stay in my essence, in what I enjoy doing and try to do well, and that is three things: teaching, translating and writing.

In these four years, we have increased the volume of work due to teaching, which is why Ticket to Translation has been pushed into the background. However, all this year I have had the idea of ​​presenting a new entry, and this is the introduction of a kind of analepsis (what is colloquially known as a flashback) in which I am going to show you, if you allow me, everything that I have learned, on topics that range from language teaching to the literature of Spanish language, stopping at stations that I cannot even imagine myself at this time.

Today, Ticket to translation is presented in its most intimate side, with the idea of ​​revealing knowledge that can help others. I invite you to rummage around, to imitate children and let yourselves be amazed. I look forward to hearing from you, I shall read you carefully.

Warm greetings,