Dear grammarians,
Before you ask yourselves why I always address everyone as grammarians, I would like to explain it to you if you grant permission. Basically, the importance of language is an irrefutable reality; the problem being that not everyone and not at all times we are able to acknowledge it and to describe it. However, many of you do it almost without being aware of that capacity.

According to the definition of Collins Dictionary, a grammarian is a specialist or expert in grammar, that is, “a particular theory that is intended to explain the rules of a language”. The dictionary also defines it as the “a person whose occupation is the study of grammar”, so actually any person who is interested in the study of grammar could be considered as a grammarian, whether they make money out of it or not.

For us, grammarians are all of you who read us, because you show an interest for language. You embody a great support for English language as well as for any other language you can speak and you use to communicate, because your interest in speaking and writing in a correct manner is the reason why linguistic competence and unity are kept together. Anyone who loves or anyone who is interested in language, especially in terms of morphology, syntax and lexicon, can consider themselves as grammarians.

Now, what good is it for us to be grammarians? It gives us power, since language and power go hand in hand as History and the present times have proved. Nevertheless, this is an extensive and complex issue that we will discuss another day. To begin with, you may want to read this essay: “Language as an instrument of power” (only abstract in English).

For today, we will stick to our new definition of grammarians as those who keep language alive and, for this reason, I call you grammarians. How would you define the word grammarian? What profile would you expect from a grammarian? We are looking forward to get to know your views!

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