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Welcome to Ticket To Translation, BertaGrama Translation’s official blog, where you will find both information about Translation and Interpreting as well as information about the languages we translate for Chinese, English and Spanish, and also about other aspects related to the culture and peculiarities they are built in. We will take a practical approach, giving advice on paperwork, transportation and visas, but we will also show you some phenomena that are not easily quantifiable, such as the habits, advice and philosophy that we considered as useful and interesting in our trips.

The combination of translating and travelling becomes a natural symbiosis for translators, who are travellers by nature, in their attempt to capture all that is within their reach when exposed to another language with the sole aim of transmitting it onto another language.

Luckily or not, the world has become a huge global village that allows us to personally meet and see most of its corners and, in most of them, we can still find reasons to be amazed.

As the famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tse said (老子 in Simplified Chinese): “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, which written in Chinese language would be much shorter, “千里之行, 始於足下”; and today we start our virtual journey with the firm purpose of getting as close as possible to the tangible and not so tangible reality of the different countries covered.

To all those who are interested, whether translators, traveling salespeople, students, travellers or scholars, welcome to the ticket that will take you through the ins and outs of language and life in its many facets within our planet.

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